Promoting & Developing
RVing Culture in
Japan & Abroad

What is RVing
In Japan?

When one thinks of extended breaks from work, long holidays and consumers who make these adventures in camping cars or caravans, neither the hardworking Japanese nor their Land of the Rising Sun jumps into mind. Furthermore, Japan’s unique market specific challenges and sometimes unique approach tend to obscure this market. Having over 20 years of experience and thriving in this market we are confident that this “diamond in the rough” is full of rewards that are waiting to be embraced.

What RVing in
Japan Delivers

Well established access to key manufacturers
and key players

Product Feasibility and Market Potential

“Do’s and Don’ts” of proceeding forward
with profitable success

Clear and Transparent Market Overview with
Figures, Future Prospects and Growth Trends

Complete Event Calendar with On-Site support
varying from translation to full PR Services

RVing in Japan’s

Through a platform where information from around the world can be easily accessed and where latest trends, newest products and other innovations can be readily accessed; we provide the means for the innovative development of the Japanese RVing Market. Check out the latest Market Snapshot and RVing news from all the key RVing markets and countries.

Latest News & Market

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