Understanding and Navigating the
Paradigm Shift

The move from ICEs to what has been known as “alternative drivetrains” is no longer a future trend, but an ongoing revolution in global mobility. Diverging the automotive sector from fossil fuel dependence to electric based drivetrains saw many endeavors since the beginning of motorization. The latest and most successful attempt was achieved by an eccentric billionaire entrepreneur who succeeded where others failed. What first seemed like an unconventional attempt to revolutionize one segment has resulted in a paradigm shift for the entire motor industry.

This much unexpected & unconventional success of the newcomer, compounded with the fallout from “Dieselgate” & China’s recent hunger for EVs has forced automotive manufactures to reinvent their strategies and align their offerings to meet the new trends. For the supplier base this has brought the pressure to adapt in ways unparalleled in the histories of many in the sector. This challenge follows a period where many enjoyed decades long new market expansions, healthy margins with limited local competition; causing much of the supplier base to become complacent in their product portfolios, organizational structures and long-term strategies.

Both in the Aftermarket and OE segments, the supplier base is facing various organizational and strategic changes while also having to innovate or reinvent product lineups that meet future needs. Developing accurate long-term product strategies from the beginning and efficiently advancing with the correct innovations is without doubt the key to success.

With Mobility Solutions we bring a long and extensive experience in predicting, innovating and achieving success. Having a proven record in both Aftermarket & OE segments we are ready to apply our know-how to assure your future success. With E-mobility at our core, assessing product portfolios, supporting development of long-term visions and innovations, as well as finding mutually beneficial partnerships is something that is at the heart of our business. We look forward to supporting you in your E-mobility success.

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