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The Land of the Rising Sun has always prided itself with being somehow unique and different from the rest. The past is filled with many a firm which applied well-rehearsed and proven formulas to see them either crumble when put through the “Japanese logic” or yield initial successes just to faulter in the long run. Despite these challenges, due to the various market characteristics that will continue into the future, Japan can be a rewarding and successful investment if done correctly. Mobility Solutions has the expertise and experience to successfully guide you on your way. Here are some of the key areas where we excel

Collecting reliable and quantitative market data in the Japanese market can be painstakingly difficult and can easily lead to misinterpretation of potentials. Particularly in terms of niche markets, maneuvering through various organizations and associations is often compounded by language, cultural barriers and finally something bordering on market protectionism

With everything Japanese going through somewhat of a global fad; one can be forgiven for assuming that the local culture is swiftly adapting to international norms. These changes may
be evident in companies based in the metropolitan areas or ones having global activities; yet very often getting into the inner circles comes down to first impressions and cultural finesse.

Japan is notoriously famous not only for language barriers, but also for complicated and hidden nuances. These challenges are often a reality whether one is dealing with the top level OE manufactures or a small niche manufacturer. Misinterpretation and misunderstandings can result in unnecessary confusion or even loss of business.

Along with a clear market strategy, the right set up is key to successfully proceeding forward. In a market where talent acquisition has been and will continue to be strained for skilled workers, making the team set up appealing by focusing on key trends will aid in attracting and retaining the right team. Employee satisfaction and thus their retention will connect to customer satisfaction and thus success.

Finally whether going for the big OE contracts, niche markets or aftermarket business success, especially in Japan, growing the business in a sustainable way, basing many aspects on individual relationships and having long term strategies is a key ingredient to long term success. This long-term success in Japan can benefit companies on a global scale.

Rewards of Succeeding

Although the Japanese market and its unique ways have challenged many executives and corporations, those that succeed benefit not only locally, but also in globally relevant ways

Assuring that the right strategies are taken from the beginning and a long-term commitment is shown to Japanese customers this can often lead to the development of deep business relationships which then develop into partnerships where mutual respect and cooperation continue.

With Japanese having some of the most extensive global corporations in many key industry sectors; the aforementioned partnerships once proven on the domestic market can easily grow into global partnerships.

Having a primarily engineering based approach to product development combined with some of the most keen-eyed end-users of any market, Japan can be a struggle to appease. Succeeding and applying the lessons learned, however, can very much lead to deeper product understanding, production processes and quality assurance improvements in one’s current organization.

For exactly these “market relevant” reasons, the team which will be challenging and addressing this demanding market can grow into an important cog of a global organization. Product improvements and lessons learned made with the Japanese can eliminate predicaments with other customers and markets. Involving and giving the proper recognition to the local team will lead to loyalty that results in retention of both employees and the customers that they work with.

An additional benefit of succeeding in Japan can result in a commodity that is often uncommon globally and that much rarer in the Asian Region. Steady and timely payment for services and products rendered is a market norm from large corporations to small companies. In addition, long term relationships, if developed and managed properly, can lead to contacts that are not simply based on profit gauging or price reduction, but mutual cooperation through innovation where the customer also cooperates actively for the parties mutual benefit.

We at Mobility Solutions have repeatedly gone through the above processes and have learned and succeeded both from our mistakes, as well as our long experience in Japan and the global market where Japanese manufacturers continue to successfully thrive. Whether the challenge is based on a single aspect of this complex web or an overall approach, we are ready to support your long-term success.

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