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The Land of the Rising Sun has always prided itself with being somehow unique and different from the rest. The past is filled with many a firm which applied well-rehearsed and proven formulas to see them either crumble when put through the “Japanese logic” process or yield initial successes just to faulter in the long run. Despite these challenges, due to the various market characteristics that will continue into the future, Japan can be a rewarding and successful investment if done correctly. Mobility Solutions has the expertise and experience to successfully guide you on your way. Here are some of the key areas where we excel.

Proven Solutions
We Provide

Mobility Solutions has repeatedly sourced, introduced and developed international brands to penetrate the Japanese market. We are open to discuss potential opportunities that can be mutually beneficial. Based on our past experience, we offer;

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Representing & Developing Your
Brand in the Japanese Market

If you are a foreign brand seeking to successfully enter the Japanese market, our centrally based operation in Tokyo can be the perfect initial step to long term growth and success in this sometimes enigmatic and perplexing market. With a wide network ranging from legal and financial experts, HR and IT professionals and of course key contacts in vital associations and customers, we provide you with what you need to succeed.

Representing & Developing Your
Brand on the International Market

If you are a brand looking to enter the European, North American, Australian or New Zealand Markets, Mobility Solutions can guide you through the complexities of going international. Whether the target is to assess the market potential, find the appropriate agent or establish a base in the given region, we are experienced and prepared to guide you through the process.

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